I created these screensavers with Quartz Composer. Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) is required to play them. They can be installed by downloading them and placing them in your screensavers directory: ~/Library/Screen Savers/

This screensaver will keep your computer nice and warm.

204 KB | download

Star Wars RSS
A Star Wars themed RSS reader.

48 KB | download

Warp Factor
Warp speed on the bridge of the Enterprise.

244 KB | download

Fly above the clouds.

232 KB | download

A blossoming flower.

20 KB | download

Fireworks in the Park
Enjoy a fireworks display from sunset on into the night.

2.3 MB | download

A school of fish under the surface of the ocean.

688 KB | download

Driving at Night
Haven't I been here before?

252 KB | download

A screensaver that is a work of art.

4 MB | download

Orthogonal Transcendental
An object that came to me in a dream.

96 KB | download

A frog and fireflies in an unusual swamp.

324 KB | download

Aqua Bubbles
A simple bubble generator with controls for speed, wiggle and number of bubbles.

128 KB | download

What's he thinking about?

3.9 MB | download

Panda Popper
Just for fun!

1.4 MB | download

(c)Copyright, Aaron Welton

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